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Fill Volume Flexibility
Features and Benefits

Fill Volume Flexibility

Select your syringe size

Fill Volume Flexibility

Move the slider to select your syringe
fill volume

Fill Volume Flexibility

Select low drive or high drive spring
according to the viscosity of your formulation

Fill Volume Flexibility

The patented plunger technology automatically adjusts to each syringe stopper position during final assembly of the device

Fill Volume Flexibility

This creates a gap between the plunger to restrict reward movement of the stopper and helps maintain container closure integrity (CCI)

Fill Volume Flexibility

The cap cannot be replaced once removed and the needle remains hidden and protected throughout the injection

1mL Syringe

1mL syringe

0.3 - 1mL

2.25mL Syringe

2.25mL syringe

0.5 - 2mL

Low drive spring
High drive spring
See our auto-adjust plunger technology in action
The cap cannot be replaced once removed and the needle maintains hidden and protected throughout the injection


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2-step single-use auto-injector platform with versatile design and intuitive delivery

Drug development and lifecycle management

Aidaptus® is suitable for reducing risk during drug development and lifecycle management, if the drug formulation has to change – this device doesn’t.


Fast to Market

Minimal change parts for platform capability, which reduces risk.




2-step single-use, automatic needle insertion, simple steps for use.


Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services have a proven track record and broad experience of auto-injector development, manufacturer and supply.

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