Autoject® Micro

Autoject® Micro

A true auto-injector with automatic needle insertion in a compact body Autoject® Micro is the next generation disposable auto-injector. Its compact design is the result of patented drive mechanism technology and an aim to improve adherence – and, ultimately, minimise your cold store and logistic costs.

The Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services Challenge

For many patients, being prescribed an injectable medication means their condition is serious. Anxiety about self-injecting is one of several factors which can negatively impact adherence. Providing patients with a device suited to them may help break down barriers to self-injection.

The Analysis

One of the most significant challenges is ease of use – particularly where dexterity can be an issue, for example RA and MS.
Another concern with self-injection is the physical and psychological pain associated with administration. Whilst drug formulation is a major factor of administration pain, a device that helps reduce or alleviate injection pain is a significant unmet need in many conditions. Ease of penetrating the skin is a factor which may help reduce perceived injection pain.1

50% of patients with chronic conditions are not taking medicines as prescribed2

Engineering Design

Autoject® Micro is an example of a new technology developed from a demand for compact, discreet self-injection options. This compact design, which is the result of a patented drive mechanism, offers patients a convenience with storage, as well as portability. The smaller package also has the potential to lower cold store and logistics costs.
It is also capable of supporting two methods of activation. These features can provide patients with a greater sense of control over their treatment – giving them confidence to take it as prescribed.3

84% of patients prefer a pre-filled device over a reusable device or vial and syringe4

Our Insight

Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services understands how the right device and routine can positively influence adherence rates and help make treatments manageable and effective for patients. Hence, Autoject® Micro has been designed to improve adherence by overcoming barriers to self-injection, providing a versatile platform that can be adapted for a range of conditions.

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