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Autoject® Mini

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The Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services Challenge

Anaphylaxis is a serious and severe allergic reaction that affects the whole body; it is often life threatening, and in severe cases, the cardiovascular system can completely collapse. Although anaphylaxis is treated with an intramuscular injection of adrenaline into the thigh, it still kills 0.65%-2.0% of patients who experience and episode.1 The main cause of anaphylactic fatalities is the late injection of adrenaline, which leaves symptoms to worsen resulting in death.2

If patients use a device that consistently performs, this not only reduces wasted of medicine, but increases patient confidence

The Analysis

Common mistakes patients make when injecting include: not removing the safety cap, operating the device upside down, injecting into the arm, and not pressing the device hard enough to deploy the needle and adrenaline.3

Engineering Design

The new Anapen® 2 was designed to solve the problems training alone could not. The Autoject® Mini has an established and trusted profile amongst clinicians and patients, and proved an ideal platform for the development project.

Our Insight

If patients use a device that consistently performs, this not only reduces wastage of medicine but increases patient confidence. This allows the patient to manage their anaphylaxis more pro-actively by using their device and injecting as appropriate, rather than waiting for symptoms to worsen.


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