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UniSafe® 1mL



Unisafe 1ml

A spring-free passive safety device for 1mL pre-filled syringes

The unique spring-free
design means

User confidence with an unobscured syringe barrel for full drug visibility
There is no risk of pre-activation in transit, manufacturing and removal from packaging prior to use
Simplified assembly and manufacturing processes
It supports sustainability and reduces cost
An on market shelf life of 3 years
Unisafe 1mL
There is no risk of
accidental activation

Its design is unintimidating
for patients

It provides clear visibility
of syringe contents

The secure integrated
plunger means

Unisafe 1ml
Highlighter for the plunger
Plunger rod cannot be pulled out when removing the RNS or the device from packaging, eliminating risk of accidental drug spillage and compromised sterility
The device design helps to address the potential risk of container closure integrity (CCI)
Simple final assembly as the plunger rod does not screw into the stopper
Reduces risk as device cannot be re-used
Maintains sterility in assembly

Simple 2 step
final assembly

Unisafe 1mL

UniSafe® 1mL has
minimal components

Unisafe 1ml
Rear plunger head helps control injection force and speed
Finger flange designed for comfort
Optional extended finger flanges for patients with strength and dexterity impairment
Safety shroud for needle protection

Simple removable
rigid needle shield

Remove needle shield before use
Intuitive to use with the same injection technique as a pre-filled syringe
Provides reassurance with a large, ergonomic plunger head and a smooth, finger flange, resulting in an integrated look and feel
Passive needle retraction to prevent needlestick injuries
UniSafe® 1mL cannot be reused or prematurely activated
Unisafe 1ml
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