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UniSafe® 2.25mL


for higher volume formulations

Unisafe 2.25ml

A safety device designed for use with 2.25mL pre-filled syringes

The unique spring-free
design means

Unisafe 2.25ml
There is no risk of
accidental activation

Its design is unintimidating
for patients

It provides clear visibility
of syringe contents

Simple assembly

Unisafe 2.25ml

UniSafe® 2.25 has a
minimal number of

Unisafe 2.25ml
Rear plunger head helps control injection force and speed
Lower finger flange designed for comfort
2.25mL syringe either cropped or small round flange design
Safety shroud for needle protection

Simple removable
rigid needle shield

Remove needle shield before use
Injection technique is same as UniSafe ® 1mL and a conventional syringe
Large ergonomic plunger head for comfort and control
Passive safety – needle retraction and complete shielding
Secure plunger prevents removal, spillage and repeat use
Unisafe 2.25ml

UniSafe® 2.25mL

Bringing you and your patients
safety and simplicity

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