Spring-free simplicity for higher volumes: the new UniSafe® safety device for 2.25mL prefilled syringes 

International Pharmaceutical Industry (IPI)

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With developments in new biological therapies assisting the treatment of chronic conditions, innovation in drug delivery devices is needed to keep up with these developments. The current problem being that new biologics which may be more viscous and need higher-volume doses may have to be administered intravenously. This means more visits to hospitals by patients.

To date, most pre-filled syringes have been designed for 1mL volumes and viscosities that are not exceeding 10cP. Understanding that existing devices won’t be suitable for some of the new biologics entering the market, we’ve developed the UniSafe® 2.25 mL pre-filled safety syringe. With a capacity of up to 2.25mL, the innovative design retains all the simplicity of the original UniSafe® 1mL, with the newfound capability of high volumes and viscosities. Read the full story here.

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