The springless, passive safety device for pre-fillable syringes

Designed to enhance confidence when injecting.

UniSafe® has no spring which means:

  • User confidence as the syringe barrel is unobscured
  • Safer in transit
  • Cost effective
  • Simple final assembly

The Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services Challenge

The task here was to develop a passive safety device which can overcome challenges associated with springs in safety syringes. Typically, there are common approaches to developing a safety syringe. The first option is to start with an existing proven pre-filled syringe and build a spring driven safety mechanism around it; but this can introduce other compromises to device performance. A second is to design a completely new safety syringe to make a brand new solution, however this would necessitate the use of an unproven primary container and can therefore be considered unattractive.

The Solution

Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services has developed UniSafe®, a springless, passive safety device designed to work with standard, pre-fillable syringes. This means nothing that touches the drug needs to change.

It’s predicted that the demand for safety syringes will increase at 9.7% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)1

Engineering Design

Early formative studies gave Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services further confidence in the UniSafe® concept as well as helping further enhance usability. The finger flanges have been made smoother, creating a more integrated look and feel, and the plunger head has been made larger for easier handling. It is vital to encourage adherence and help patients effectively self-manage their condition by providing devices that are intuitive and easy to use, for both patients and healthcare providers. UniSafe®


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